Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Membership Benefit - Healthcare with HMCA

One of the BIPP membership benefits is discounted healthcare through HMCA.

HMCA are delighted to offer BIPP members and their families a range of medical health cover and related products. Hospital and Medical Care Association are specialists in offering voluntary benefits exclusively to members of professional and trades associations and membership groups. They have over 30 years experience dealing with over 700 Associations in delivering first class service at highly competitive rates. They do not deal with the general public and do not advertise nationally.

Once members subscribe to any of the plans they will automatically qualify for further discounts from the range of Loyalty Benefits. These include leisure, hotels, and magazine subscriptions and details will be given upon joining and enclosed in Welcome Packs.

If you are already a member of a health plan, HMCA offer a unique Transfer Facility which does not involve an examination and will cover you for any pre-existing condition from the original date of you joining your existing plan. On average, they have been proven to save up to 35% savings on similar plans. The transition is seamless with no break in medical cover or moratoriums.

You can visit their website - - or call them on 01423 866985 for further details.

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