Monday, 29 April 2013

Featured Qualifier - Lee Howell ABIPP

Image Copyright: Lee Howell ABIPP
Lee Howell ABIPP
Advertising & Editorial Portraiture (Approved College Route)

Friday, 26 April 2013

BIPP Peter Grugeon Qualification Awards 2012

We would also like to take this opportunity to recognise those who were successful in the BIPP Peter Grugeon Qualification Awards 2012. In memory of the late celebrated photographer,  most famous for his portraits of the Royal Family in the 1970s, these awards recognise the very best work of all qualifiers within the year – and the standard was extremely high.

Scott Johnson ABIPP – Joint Licentiate of the Year
Tim Pestridge LBIPP – Joint Licentiate of the Year

David Stanbury FBIPP - Highly Commended Peter Grugeon Award for the Best Associateship

Rebecca Northway ABIPP – Highly Commended Peter Grugeon Award for the Best Assoicateship
Simon Eldon ABIPP – Peter Grugeon Award for the Best Associateship

Gerry Coe FBIPP – Peter Grugeon Award for the Best Fellowship
Chris Harper FBIPP - Lichfield Award - For best creative use of people within an image

Kevin Wilson Hon. FBIPP – Fox Talbot Award - For outstanding contribution to the photographic profession

Many congratulations to all of our winners on your fantastic achievements!

BIPP/Towergate Camerasure Fine Art Awards 2013

Yesterday saw the presentations for the BIPP Peter Grugeon Qualification Awards 2012 and BIPP/Towergate Camerasure Fine Art Awards 2013 at Hartwell House. An appropriately grand venue for such a prestigious event, and a great day was had by all as we recognised some of the best work in both Fine Art photography and that of BIPP Qualifiers from over the past year.

We’d like to take this opportunity to again recognise and congratulate our BIPP/Towergate Camerasure Fine Art Award winners for 2013:

Lee Howell – Student Single Image – Winner and Merit
Kevin Beech – Student Single Image – Merit

Neil Warner – Open Single Image – Merit

Jacques Verschuren ABIPP – International Single Image - Merit

Bryn Davies – Portfolio by a Provisional Member – Joint Winner
Sara Porter – Portfolio by a Provisional Member – Joint Winner

Dave Hunt ABIPP – Portfolio by a Qualified Member – Silver Award and Bronze Award

Jamie Thompson FBIPP – Portfolio by a Qualified Member – Gold Award

Very well done to all of our winners and many thanks to Towergate Camerasure, for sponsoring our Fine Art competition for the tenth consecutive year!

Results from the BIPP Peter Grugeon Qualification Awards 2012 to follow.

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Presentation of 2012 Qualifications & 2013 BIPP/Towergate Camerasure Fine Art Awards

We’re delighted to be presenting the 2012 Best Licentiateship, the Peter Grugeon Best Associateship, and the Peter Grugeon Best Fellowship qualifications, as well as the prestigious Fox Talbot and Lichfield Awards, at Hartwell House in Buckinghamshire this afternoon.

This special occasion will also include the 2013 BIPP/Towergate Camerasure Fine Art Awards and we wish the very best of luck to everyone shortlisted!

Details of the Qualification recipients and Award winners will follow.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

April 2013 - Press Release


One of the most important things to consider when planning your wedding is the photographer. After everything else has finished, and the dress is packed away, your photographs will be your one lasting memory of your big day.

When choosing your photographer, there are a few things to remember;
• Contact several and meet with them before you decide.
• Look at their portfolios and don’t be afraid to ask questions.
• Check their qualifications and ask how long they have been working as a wedding photographer.
• Discuss how you would like your images presented to you - do you want an album made for you or the images on a disc?

When planning a wedding, the budget is a major factor in deciding on your photographer. Choosing a qualified photographer does not always mean a higher cost, often the price paid for using an amateur is much higher. Using friends or family members with a hobby in photography may seem a cost effective option, however what if things go wrong?
The cost of re-shooting wedding photos can cost thousands. Add to that the added stress and disappointment of poor quality photos and a lost friendship. You may be left wishing you had let a professional do the job in the first place.

It is your choice what value you place on your wedding photography. A qualified photographer may charge anywhere in the region of £1000 or less up to £5000 or more. Remember when choosing your photographer, wedding photos will last forever, even beyond your lifetime and may well be the only reminder you and your family have in years to come.

Professional photographers who are qualified through BIPP are:
·        professionally insured – for  public liability and professional indemnity (eg, if the equipment is faulty, or images are lost)

·        bound by a professional code of conduct

·        qualified at one of three successive levels – Licentiateship, Associateship or Fellowship.  Their work has been assessed against strict criteria of professional competency, creativity, composition etc.  They should have the letters LBIPP, ABIPP or FBIPP after their names.

Once you have chosen your photographer and discussed what services they will provide, ensure they give you a written contract detailing everything so you all know what to expect and at what price.

For more information take a look at our comprehensive guide to choosing a professional photographer at

Monday, 22 April 2013

Yorkshire Region Annual Awards 2013 - The Winners!

Congratulations to the winners of last week's Yorkshire Region Annual Awards 2013.

Copyright: Leo Francis ABIPP

A special mention goes to Leo Francis ABIPP who took the overall title of BIPP Yorkshire Region Social Photographer of the Year

Copyright: Tony May LBIPP

and to Tony May LBIPP who took the overall title of BIPP Yorkshire Region Commercial Photographer of the Year

Thanks go to the judges - Karl Bratby FBIPP and David Taylor FBIPP - and also to the Yorkshire Region Committee for all their hard work.

All winning images can be viewed online at 

Yorkshire Region Social Photographer of the Year 2013
Leo Francis ABIPP

Yorkshire Region Commercial Photographer of the Year 2013
Tony May LBIPP

Studio Portrait Photographer of the Year 2013
Winner - Leo Francis ABIPP
Merit - Richard Mayfield FBIPP (x 2)
Merit - Leo Francis ABIPP (x 2)
Merit - Jacqueline Lygo LBIPP

Environmental Portrait Photographer of the Year 2013
Winner - Ben West LBIPP
Merit - Richard Mayfield FBIPP (x 2)
Merit - Annemarie King LBIPP (x 2)
Merit - Leo Francis ABIPP
Merit - Chris Bevan LBIPP

Industrial Photographer of the Year 2013
Winner - Michael Lee LBIPP
Merit - Michael Lee LBIPP

Architectural Photographer of the Year 2013
Winner - Roy Wooding FBIPP
Merit - Roy Wooding FBIPP

Press/PR Photographer of the Year 2013
Winner - Roy Wooding FBIPP
Merit - Roy Wooding FBIPP
Merit - Leo Francis ABIPP (x 2)

Traditional Wedding Photographer of the Year 2013
Winner - Ozzie Malik LBIPP
Merit - Ozzie Malik LBIPP (x 2)

Contemporary Wedding Photographer of the Year 2013
Winner - Cris Matthews LBIPP
Merit - Ben West LBIPP (x 2)
Merit - Cris Matthews LBIPP (x 3)

Advertising Photographer of the Year 2013
Winner - Tony May LBIPP
Merit - Roy Wooding FBIPP
Merit - David Black ABIPP
Merit - Annemarie King LBIPP
Merit - Tony May LBIPP (x 2)

Illustrative Photographer of the Year 2013
Winner - Roy Wooding FBIPP
Merit - Leo Francis ABIPP
Merit - Michael Dean

Fashion Photographer of the Year 2013
Winner - Richard Mayfield FBIPP
Merit - Richard Mayfield FBIPP

Student Photographer of the Year 2013
Winner - Leslie Forrester
Merit - Lance Isherwood (x 3)
Merit - Keith St Ange
Merit - Anna Bridson
Merit - Sam Johnson
Merit - Christine Eastwood
Merit - Leslie Forrester

David Bailey 'appalled at what the government is doing to our rights in the ERRB'

A household name since the 1960’s, David Bailey is one of the UK’s most iconic photographers.

On hearing of what the government proposes to do with his property in the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Bill he has written to Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne. He says:

‘Why can’t copyright be dealt with properly in a proper Copyright Bill? I’m told everyone will be able to get their hands on our so-called “orphans” so libraries and museums can publish old photographs whose authors have long been forgotten.’

‘So now commercial organisations will be allowed to make money from our “orphans”, but not us, the creators.’

‘This legislation should never have been even considered without first giving us our moral rights, and is contrary to our rights under the Berne Convention. Why the rush? A scheme, the Copyright Hub – a scheme backed by the government – is being developed to ensure that those who wish to find our pictures can not only do so quickly online, but also find the contact details of the pictures’ owners. You are about to put the cart before the horse.’

‘I’m told the real reason for speed is that “releasing” orphans will create growth. We all understand the need for growth. But where’s the evidence? The seemingly impressive financial figures presented originally in the Hargreaves Review have mysteriously had to be revised – down by 97%! Which now apparently amount to no more than 80p per taxpayer per year. Given the damage this legislation will now cause to taxpaying creators, damage no-one has so far taken into account, the effect of this legislation on economic growth will in fact be negative.’

To read his full letter, please visit

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Helpline for photographers in operation at Margaret Thatcher's funeral

John Toner, NUJ Freelance Organiser, advises that the Metropolitan Police Helpline for photographers and other lens-based journalists will be in operation today during the funeral of Margaret Thatcher – the number to call if you have any problems is 07917 556 824


Tuesday, 16 April 2013

BIPPNI Seminar with Kevin Pengelly FBIPP & David Stanbury FBIPP - 29 April 2013

BIPP Northern Ireland is proud to present their keynote seminar on Monday 29 April with two of the BIPP's Fellows - Kevin Pengelly FBIPP and David Stanbury FBIPP.

The seminar will focus on both Creative Wedding and Location Portraiture and will prove to be an excellent insight into Kevin & David's careers, experience, and workflows.

The event is taking place at New Forge Lane Country Club in Belfast, and numbers are limited, so if you’re interested in attending please download the booking form at

£30 (Member) or £35 (Non-Member) including tea/coffee and lunch

Everyone welcome!

Monday, 15 April 2013

Obituary – Mr. Tom Samson FBIPP (1921-2013)

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Tom Samson FBIPP at the age of 91.

Tom had been a member of the BIPP for seventy five years, joining in 1937 and achieving his Associateship in Commercial photography in 1952 and Fellowship in 1979.

He began his career in photography in 1937, as a trainee with Archie Handford of Croydon. After... completing voluntary service in the RAF, Tom re-joined Handford in 1946 with the promise of a Directorship, concentrating on the commercial side of the business. In the years prior, he had spent time undertaking the testing of principal air cameras used for reconnaissance during the war.

Tom's specialist knowledge of civil flying legislation enabled Handford Photography to offer a personalised professional service of Aerial Photography, accounting for over a quarter of the business’ turnover.

He actively served the BIPP as President from 1969 to 1970, and was awarded a Long Service Award in 2012 after seventy five years with the Institute. He was also Secretary of the BIPP’s Benevolent Society for many years.

Tom will be fondly remembered by the Institute. Our thoughts are with his family at this sad time.

An Afternoon of Portraiture with Saraya Cortaville FBIPP - 7 August 2013

Join us on Wednesday 7 August for 'An Afternoon of Portraiture' with Saraya Cortaville FBIPP, at her studio in Barnet, North London, between 1.30pm-5pm.

Copyright: Saraya Cortaville FBIPP

Saraya is an Approved BIPP Assessor and also one of the most successful portrait photographers in her area.

Specialising in relaxed, fun, studio portraiture of children and families, Saraya will use this half day workshop to discuss how her business works and provide practical tips; illustrating why client relationships really are the key to her success.

The afternoon will also include a practical session so don't forget to bring along your camera!

£30+VAT (members)
£36+VAT (friends)
£40+VAT (non-members)

Includes tea & coffee refreshments

Friday, 12 April 2013

Marketing with Mark Bushkes ABIPP - 20 May 2013

Mark runs his own photography business in Caterham - -
and will be sharing his knowledge of marketing in an afternoon talk on Marketing in Tough Times & Getting The Basics Right

The Worlds End Pub & Restaurant


My Story
• How I went from 51 shoots in 2011 to nearly 600 last year in less than twelve months.
• From me on my own to 2 studios and 6 staff from March 2012.
• Projecting 1000 shoots this year
• What recession?

First Have a Business Plan
• What's everybody else doing and do something different. 
• Become a mystery shopper for your local competition and do a SWOT analysis.
• You will earn trust from clients a lot faster if you cut away styles of shoots that you just play with because you went on a course or seminar once. All the people that stand up and talk about their business do so!
• Know what you want to sell and get greedy! Work on the numbers a lot more.
• Specialise and become famous for THAT thing! Not trying to please everybody.
• Branding - Logo, colours, stationery, website, clothing your car? Fix this first and build trust. Cost this all out and stage the changes if you need to.
• How much money do you want to make (This is not sales it is profit) 
• Don't listen to the news! Media love to groan and moan about everything that is what they do! This creates depression thus lack of get up and go!

Get Organised & Tidy
• Have a good diary system - Google calendar.
• Spend 2 days per year (Normally January) working out your marketing activities per day and plot them. School and national holidays in your area plot.
• Book your holidays and days off!
• File system for paperwork. Get a label printer really helps.
• Have homes for everything! From the supplier catalogues to the spare A4 paper for the printer. Store, sell or throw away things you are not using.
• Light Blue Software data base or another good client and shoot management system.

Are You Any Good To Be Able To Charge For It?
• Don't kid yourself, just because your friends and family say you are good don't mean your must be.
• Get harsh feedback from experts. BIPP help by entering competitions and gaining qualifications will help provide you with self confidence thus charge more money making more profit meaning more holidays without using the credit card!

Where Else Do Your Customers Shop Or Visit? 
• Affiliation marketing explained
• Talk to current GOOD clients about everything. Be nosey in a conversation, sound interested and soak up the information. What car dealer, restaurants, shops, hair dresser, home decor places, garden centres, schools, day care centres etc
• Build your "Partner Pack". Use this to present your business to other businesses that share the SAME GOOD CLIENTS

Networking & How Best To Use It 
• Specific businesses you want to be introduced to - using your Partner Pack
• Social media – the power of Facebook
• Running competitions to gain fans
• Using for live research questions about your business ideas
• Getting the love sent out

Pounding The Pavements
• Get out and about
• Building a buzz on the street
• Shopping centre displays
• School fete and events
• Supporting fund raising activities for parents that are your targeted future clients

Discount Vouchers Online
• Groupon – The good, the bad and the ugly.

Finish With...
"If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got."

£30+VAT (members)
£36+VAT (friends)
£40+VAT (non-members)

Includes tea & coffee refreshments


Thursday, 11 April 2013

2012 South West Regional Awards - The Winners!

We'd like to thank everyone who entered the 2012 South West Regional Awards and the winning images can be viewed below.

An enjoyable presentation lunch for the winners was held on Tuesday 19 March at The Fishermans Cot, Devon, and a special mention goes to Philip Bramhill LBIPP who was awarded South West Region Photographer of the Year 2012.

We hope all members in the South West Region will be inspired to enter this year's Awards and the call for entries will be announced shortly.

For more information on what's happening in the South West Region please visit

Abstract Illustrative

Bronze: Philip Bramhill LBIPP - Trebarwith

Merit: Philip Bramhill LBIPP - Mill


Merit: Philip Bramhill LBIPP - No VAT


Bronze: Mitchell Duncan LBIPP - Mirdif Shopping Centre, Dubai

Merit: Mitchell Duncan LBIPP - 360 Degree Mall, Kuwait

Fashion & Beauty

Bronze: Marko Dutka FBIPP - Pretty Eccentric 1

Merit: Philip Bramhill LBIPP - Waterfall


Bronze: Nigel Hicks FBIPP - Trevose

Merit: Nigel Hicks FBIPP - Seafront

Merit: Jonathan Robinson-Pratt ABIPP - Exmouth Beach

Merit: Nigel Hicks FBIPP - Gullfoss

People & Portraiture

Silver: Philip Bramhill LBIPP - Murray

Silver: Rebecca Northway ABIPP - Freya

Bronze: Robert Frost LBIPP - Look At Me

Bronze: Guy Harrop LBIPP - Bubbles The Orphan

Bronze: Rebecca Northway ABIPP - Phoebe

Bronze: Guy Harrop LBIPP - Dutch Jacob

Merit: Robert Frost LBIPP - Catch Me

Merit: Suzi Allen LBIPP - Kaiser

Merit: Robert Frost LBIPP - Pug On A Chair

Merit: Rebecca Northway ABIPP - Molly

Merit: Robert Frost LBIPP - Cute Puppy


Bronze: Chris Hargreaves ABIPP - Protection

Bronze: Carolyn Oakley ABIPP - Army 2023

Bronze: Chris Hargreaves ABIPP - Calm Before The War

Bronze: Guy Harrop LBIPP - Silly Walking Festival

Bronze: Robert Frost LBIPP - 7 Images 3 Days Composition

Merit: Carolyn Oakley ABIPP - Army 2064

Merit: Nigel Hicks FBIPP - Saunton

Merit: Jonathan Robinson-Pratt ABIPP - Hydraulic Split Screen

Merit: Nigel Hicks FBIPP - Red Rock

Merit: Guy Harrop LBIPP - Medusa

Merit: Nigel Hicks FBIPP - Manila Sunset


Bronze: Graham Hiscock LBIPP - Musgrove Oak

Merit: Lee Hatherall LBIPP - The Mansion House

Merit: Graham Hiscock LBIPP - Dorset Romance

Merit: Graham Hiscock LBIPP - Kingston Seat

South West Region Photographer of the Year 2012

Philip Bramhill LBIPP - Murray

Please note copyright of images remains with the individual named photographers

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

One Vision Imaging NEW Price List

One Vision Imaging Ltd - Logo

We have some great news for you all!

Despite paper prices continuing to increase we have, for the fourth year running, continued to FREEZE the majority of our printing costs!
There will also be a Price FREEZE on all of our Finished Products. Some products are even reduced!
Our hugely popular Price Fix will continue to run on the most popular Finished Products and sizes.
Look out for this icon for the most cost effective prices:
Huge reductions on Mounting and Finishing!
Price Drop
Service Guide & Price List
3 NEW Finished Products inside; Trinity Frames, Quartz Lite and Multibox Frame ‘Mosaics’.

More great news!

All of our Albums & Photobooks (bar PhotoCoverAlbums) will enjoy yet another PRICE FREEZE for 2013/14. NEW to this Price Guide:
Hard Cover Books Soft Cover Books Our very latest Lay Flat ‘Impress’ Books
Albums & Photobooks Price List

Visit us on Facebook Visit us on FacebookFollow us on Twitter Follow us on TwitterShare with a friend Share with a Friend
To find out more about the above products and services please contact our Customer Care team on 0845 862 0217, click 'contact us' above or simply visit our website at
We very much look forward to hearing from you.
Kind regards,
One Vision Sales Team
Phone 0845 862 0217