Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Congratulations to Roz Collins LBIPP

Congratulations to Roz Collins LBIPP whose image 'Julien' is displayed in this February's Black + White Photography magazine.

The photo won Roz a Silver Award at the South East Region Awards in December 2011.

Featured Qualifier

Jeni Baily-Davis LBIPP - Wedding

Jeni Baily-Davis LBIPP

Friday, 27 January 2012

George's Weekly Round-Up

Sometimes humans can be a miserable bunch, they don't like traffic jams and they don't like rain, which there seems to have been a lot of this week.  Personally I like a snooze in the car in the morning, and running through muddy puddles is fun.

We had some visitors on Monday coming in for assessments, well done to all the successful candidates.  There's also been lots of activity around the office this week with the Awards and I came across a lot of Long Service certificates, congratulations to those who receive them.

I had a terrible weekend last week due to the bath, I also had my hair cut which was very upsetting.  This weekend I will be making sure it doesn't happen again!


Thursday, 26 January 2012

Long Service Awards in Yorkshire Region

Last Wednesday the Yorkshire Region held its first meeting of the year, where several Members were awarded Long Service Certificates:

  • Paul Napp
  • Ivor Innes
  • Mike Hargreaves
  • Stuart Clark

Members were also given a talk by Steve Ramsden LBIPP about changes affecting the industry.  Steve runs a successful wedding photography business, has won numerous BIPP and MPA awards, including last year's Yorkshire Region Classic Wedding and Overall Social Photographer of the Year titles, and is one of only two UK wedding photographers to have reached the Federation of European Photographers Silver Award standard.

Featured Quallifer

Douglas Anderson LBIPP - Wedding
Kidderminster, Worcestershire

Douglas Anderson LBIPP

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Monday, 23 January 2012

January Assessments

Its been a successful day at Head Office with several successful qualification assessments taking place.  Assessors have also reviewed several qualifying assessments too.

Saraya Cortaville FBIPP assessing a qualification panel

Friday, 20 January 2012

Featured Qualifier

Michael Barlow ABIPP
Graphics Manager, NHS North of Tyne

Michael Barlow ABIPP

George's Weekly Round-Up

Well I have certainly had a relaxing week, having spent three days at home snoozing and watching daytime TV! The same can’t be said however for the team at Head Office who have had an extremely busy week with the judging for the Professional Photography Awards taking place!

Apparently it was a very intense couple of days with a large number of images to go through. However thanks must go to the judges for their commitment and enthusiasm throughout the judging process. I am looking forward to seeing the winning images on 16 March.

In the meantime it’s the weekend again, I am a little apprehensive as I have heard the word ‘bath’ mentioned more than once this week...


Two New Fellows

Congratulations to Paul Wilkinson FBIPP and Kevin Pengelly FBIPP who were awarded Fellowships this week.

The images below were taken at thier Assessments.

(L-R) Russell Baston FBIPP, Kevin Wilson FBIPP, Richard Mayfield FBIPP

(L-R) Richard Mayfield FBIPP, Kevin Wilson FBIPP

(L-R) Anton Artemenkov FBIPP, Richard Mayfield FBIPP, Kevin Wilson FBIPP
You can see Kevin and Paul's work at their websites:

Kevin Pengelly: http://www.pengelly-photography.co.uk/
Paul Wilkinson: http://www.paulwilkinsonphotography.co.uk/

The BIPP’s position on SOPA/PIPA

The controversial  Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and Protect IP Act (PIPA) which are currently being debated in the US Senate, have been the cause of much speculation in the last 24 hours, in which we have seen several international websites go ‘dark’ in protest.

Whilst we support the concept of any endeavour to minimise online piracy and copyright infringement, especially where individual creators are affected, we believe that there is too much ambiguity in the SOPA proposals and that once again, the interests of the large ‘creative industries’ are being given priority over those of individual creators due to misinformation and a perceived need to support outdated business models. Conversely, some of the counter claims are over exaggerated and equally ill-informed. We therefore reserve judgement until such times as the bills are re-drafted.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Professional Photography Awards - a slightly closer look!

The judges have been working through the final selection

A small collection of images in the final selection

Professional Photography Awards - Final Selection

Judges are compiling the final selection of images today.  Here's a teaser...

Can you see your image?!

Judging for Professional Photography Awards 2012

Judging for the Professional Photography Awards is taking place here at Head Office. 

Around 1000 images were received and the judging procress started yesterday morning and continues today.

Several judges were awarded their Long Service certificates:
  • Afzal Ansary FBIPP - 50 years
  • George Dawber Hon FBIPP - 40 years
  • Russell Baston FBIPP - 40 years
  • Kevin Wilson FBIPP - 20 years
(L-R: George Dawber Hon FBIPP, Russell Baston FBIPP, Kevin Wilson FBIPP, Afzal Ansary FBIPP, Roy Meiklejon FBIPP (President))

Scores are awarded by each judge and then averaged to make a final score for the image.
(L-R: Russell Baston FBIPP, Afzal Ansary FBIPP, Kevin Wilson FBIPP, Richard Mayfield FBIPP, Jonathan Briggs, Anton Artemenkov FBIPP)

Each image is presented around the table for judges to view.
(L-R: Anton Artemenkov FBIPP, Richard Mayfield FBIPP, Roy Meiklejon FBIPP, Saraya Cortaville FBIPP, Russell Baston FBIPP, Pam Russell (recording scores), George Dawber Hon FBIPP (chair) and Chris Harper FBIPP (presenting images)

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Friday, 13 January 2012

Payback for visual artists

Last month a record 14,500 visual artists enjoyed a share of £4.4 million in Payback royalties through DACS.

Payback is an annual service provided by DACS, which distributes royalties to visual artists whose work has been reproduced in UK books and magazines, and on certain UK television channels.

A wide spectrum of visual artists benefited from Payback in 2011 including fine artists, photographers, illustrators, designers, cartoonists, applied artists and sculptors.

“More artists have claimed Payback than ever before.” says Nicolas Watkins-Wright, Payback Manager at DACS. “2011 was a tough year for visual artists financially and these royalties can go some way to helping artists sustain their practice in a difficult climate.”

Payback royalties come from revenue generated through UK collective licensing schemes including the photocopying of books and magazines by local government departments, universities and other businesses. Collective licensing is used in situations where it would be difficult or near impossible for visual artists to licence their rights on an individual basis, for example, when a business wishes to photocopy a page of a book which features their work.

Photographer and Payback claimant, IndrĂ© Serpytyte said: “It was a photographer friend of mine who recommended that I claim Payback. I didn’t believe her when she told me about it but then I checked it out for myself. I’ve claimed Payback for three years now. For me it is not just about the royalties but also the recognition.”

DACS’ Payback campaign runs from July to September each year; it is during this period that visual artists can submit their claim for a share of royalties. Each December DACS distributes Payback royalties to successful claimants just in time for Christmas.

The next Payback campaign will launch in July 2012. Visual artists who wish to claim Payback for the first time this year can register their details with DACS: payback@dacs.org.uk

George's Weekly Round-Up

I don’t know what is happening to me today! I woke up this morning, rolled over and fell off the bed, then I tripped down the stairs, had my tail trodden on and then when I finally arrived at the office the horrible window cleaners arrived! Next Friday 13th I am staying home!

The Towergate Fine Art Awards judging took place this week at the Towergate Offices in London. Paul Dyer FBIPP, Jo De Banzie FBIPP and Kevin Wilson FBIPP were the judges and the winners will be announced at the Professional Photography Awards on 16 March at the British Film Institute, London.

The entries to the Professional Photography awards have all been sorted in preparation for the judging next week – they are very strict that I am not allowed a sneaky peek!

Good luck to everyone who has submitted images to the awards. Keep an eye on the website and your e-mails over the next couple of weeks to see if you have been shortlisted and for more information about the Awards presentations in March.

George X

Thursday, 12 January 2012

The Majesty of the Horse

Astrid Harrisson ABIPP recently shared some of her experiences of the last 18 months with us.  She was commissioned to find and photograph 90 breeds of horse for a book entitled ‘The Majesty of the Horse’.   Since August 2010, her travels have taken her all over the world, France, Spain, Portugal, USA, Dubai, India, Australia, China, Mongolia, Italy, Austria, Germany, Holland, Norway, Finland and Russia!  You can read more about Astrid’s travels on her website: http://www.astridharrisson.com/2012/01/04/2011-the-review

Astrid Harrisson ABIPP

The Majesty of the Horse is a celebration of horses through time and the long and eventful horse/human relationship, and is a collaboration between author Tamsin Pickeral and photographer Astrid Harrisson.  It pays homage not only to the physical splendor of the horse- its grace, beauty, strength, and adaptability - but also to its remarkable diversity. The text looks at 90 of the worlds most engaging breeds, many of which are rare, and traces their evolution from the dawn of written history to the present day.

http://www.astridharrisson.com/ // http://www.tamsinpickeral.com/

Featured Qualifier

Filip Kulisev FBIPP - Landscape / Wildlife
Bratislava, Slovakia

Filip Kulisev FBIPP

Judging Towergate Fine Art Competition

Judging of the Towergate Fine Art Competition on Tuesday 10 January in Towergate's offices in London.

(L - R) Paul Dyer FBIPP, Kevin Wilson FBIPP, Jo de Banzie FBIPP

A small selection of entries

(L - R) Roy Meiklejon FBIPP, Jo de Banzie FBIPP, Kevin Wilson FBIPP, Paul Dyer FBIPP
Entrants who were shortlisted will be hearing from us soon.  Winners will be announced at the Professional Photography Awards on 16 March at the BFI Southbank, London.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Featured Qualifier

Toby Carter LBIPP - Architectural / Building
Swindon, Wiltshire

Tony Carter LBIPP

Monday, 9 January 2012

Yorkshire Region Meeting and Talk from Steve Ramsden LBIPP

The first meeting of the year including a talk by multiple award winner & successful wedding photographer Steve Ramsden LBIPP will be taking place on Wednesday 18 January, 7.30pm at The Owl in Hambleton (details below).

Steve runs a successful wedding photography business, has won numerous BIPP and MPA awards, including last year's Yorkshire Region Classic Wedding and Overall Social Photographer of the Year titles, and is one of only two UK wedding photographers to have reached the Federation of European Photographers Silver Award standard.

He will take a look at the changes affecting the industry.

Steve spent 19 years with Lloyds TSB Bank before entering into what he describes as the crazy world of wedding photography just over 10 years ago.  He will share with us the key points of his photographic journey and what he's learned along the way…so far.

He will go on to discuss the challenges facing us all in the future and how much we can predict what will happen next - the downward pressure on pricing, increased competition, erosion of copyright, ease of entry, how we all affect each other, and the ongoing need to remain profitable.

Steve will then open up a discussion to explore what we can do about it!!

Wednesday 18th January - Steve Ramsden LBIPP
The Owl
135 Main Road

Friday, 6 January 2012

Opportunity for Free Portfolio Review from BIPP

We will be holding a Midland Region Assessment Evening on Tuesday 31 January from 6.30pm-10pm at The Lea Marston Hotel in Sutton Coldfield.

Assessment Evenings provide working and professional photographers with an opportunity to meet BIPP members in their area and also spend half an hour with one of our Approved Assessors discussing ways in which to develop their work further or the process of going for BIPP qualification.

The half hour portfolio reviews are free of charge, but need to be booked in advance by contacting Rachel Madden-Jones at rachel@bipp.com or on 01296 642020.

If you’re unable to join us on 31 January, we will be holding similar events throughout the year, including portfolio reviews at Focus on Imaging at Birmingham NEC from 4-7 March, and details will be published on our website http://www.bipp.com/.

George's Weekly Round-Up

After a festive break everything seems to be back to normal at BIPP, the tree is gone and the lights are packed away until next year.

No such thing as a gentle start to the New Year for BIPP though! It has been a busy return as the latest issue of the Photographer has just been posted (will have to have a read through) and all the Awards entries have now been opened and sorted.

There are lots of preparations taking place for the judging of the National Awards this month and of course lots of planning for the Awards Presentations on 16 March at the British Film Institute, www.bipp.com/awards

We also have more qualification assessments at the end of January – lots of post to go through (I still don’t like the postman)!

There are lots of ways of keeping in touch with the latest happenings here: keep an eye on the website, blog, Facebook, Twitter, the Photographer magazine & e-news for more information about what we are planning in 2012!

George X

Thursday, 5 January 2012

the Photographer Jan/Feb 2012 Out Now

the Photographer Jan/Feb 2012 is out now.

In this edition:
  • Canon EOS-1D X in depth, in detail on the new D-SLR
  • African Gem - Emily Fairweather's Uganda
  • Adam Duckworth - Lighting the Way
  • Advice on bringing your printing in-house
  • How can you improve your profitabillity
  • and much more!
Members receive the Photographer as part of their membership package. Non-members can purchase single copies or subscribe via our website: http://www.bipp.com/Default.aspx?tabid=75

Featured Qualifier

Paul Milsom LBIPP - Portraiture
Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Portfolio Reviews at Focus on Imaging, NEC Birmingham

If you are not yet a BIPP Member you might like to take advantage of a Portfolio Review to gain an understanding of what you need to do to qualify and how long the process might take.

Portfolio Reviews offer professional photographers the opportunity to receive face-to-face advice on their work from of BIPP’s Approved Assessors.  Our Assessors fully understand the requirements for qualification and are highly experienced photographers with a wealth of industry knowledge.

We strongly recommend candidates seek guidance on preparing for qualification assessments at a portfolio review before booking a date.

We will be providing 45 minute Portfolio Reviews at Focus on Imaging at the NEC Birmingham from 4 - 7 March. 

The cost to non-members is £50.00 (plus VAT) and for members £25.00 (plus VAT).  Places can be booked online from our website: http://www.bipp.com/Default.aspx?tabid=97

Important Information:
  • Please bring approximately 30 low res images (no more than 5MB per image) on a CD or memory stick to your portfolio review
  • If you are a non-member interested in applying for qualifying membership please bring copies of your insurance documents (Professional Indemnity and Public Liability)

Next BIPP Licentiate, Associate and Fellowship Assessment Days

The next BIPP Assessment Days will be taking place on 20 and 21 February 2012 at Head Office.
If you would like to submit an entry for Assessment, the closing dates are 9 and 10 January 2012.  By the closing date, we will need:
  • Completed Membership Application Form (if you are not already a Member)
  • Completed Qualified Submission Form
  • Submission Fee (if not already paid online)
  • 3 copies of your supporting evidence
  • Copies of professional insurance
  • Your disc of 20 images

The fee for Assessment Days is £50 + VAT (£60).  We regret we cannot confirm your Assessment until the above has been received.  No refund is given in the event that you change or cancel your Assessment.

For more details about Assessment Days and qualifying, or to book, please visit the BIPP website at www.bipp.com/qualifications or phone 01296 642020.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Jaine Briscoe-Price Boudoir Seminar in Manchester

The North West Region have organised the following event...

Monday 16th January 2012 - Jaine Briscoe-Price Boudoir Seminar

Royce Suite
The Midland Hotel
Peter Street
M60 2DS

Award-winning photographer Jaine Briscoe Price, long established as one of the region’s top boudoir and makeover photographers, guides us through the art of styling, lighting and posing clients as ‘boudoir babes’!

Jaine runs a successful studio in Chester and is now specialising in the emerging market of makeover and boudoir photography in answer to the demands of clients over the past few years. She will demonstrate in the seminar how to get inexperienced and often unwilling clients to relax and perform in front of the camera, and to step into a model’s stilettos bringing out a hidden or new side to their personalities. She will show how the right make up, hairstyling, clothing and accessories can produce stunning effects on the most fresh faced of girls. Jaine also demonstrates how some of the best images can be created using natural and available lighting making this kind of work accessible for those photographers without a studio.

We are lucky to have secured the fabulous Royce Suite, the most luxurious room in the Midland Hotel as a backdrop to hold this event which runs from 1.00pm until 5.00pm on Monday 16th January 2012. Because of the size and nature of venue, numbers must be limited to 12 delegates on a ‘first come first served’ basis so call the number below to secure your place.

Call 0845 094 0539 to book your place.

Cost: £40 (members) / £50 (non-members)

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

We start 2012 with some good news that former BIPP President, Andy Gotts FBIPP, has been awarded an MBE in the New Year Honours.  You can read more here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-leicestershire-16367250