Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Federation of European Photographers 'European Photographer' (EP) Qualification

The European Photographer (EP) qualification aims to recognise competence and professionalism of those who earn their living as Professional Photographers within Europe. 

The EP is a new quality assurance certification now available to Professional Photographers throughout Europe.

Qualify via BIPP

The BIPP are proud to be a member of the Federation of European Photographers and are pleased to be in the unique position to offer recently qualified BIPP Licentiate members EP status for a £50.00 + VAT fee. This unique opportunity allows the candidate to by-pass the normal FEP qualification route as
described on the FEP site.

The EP qualification has a life of 4 years, during which time the candidate is expected to apply for their QEP (which lasts for perpetuity) or re-submit for EP.

The BIPP is an awarding body authorised by the FEP to award the EP qualification. The £50+VAT fee will provide you with both the EP qualification and membership of the FEP for a max of 4 years during which time you will be requested to submit for your QEP (Qualified European Photographer) qualification.

For more information regarding EP membership, please contact Jane Goward at BIPP on 01296 642020 or email jane@bipp.com

FEP Member Benefits

Earning an EP Award will win you a qualification of professional quality, a useful personal contact list on the online EP Photographers pages as well as access to special offers, services and information via the www.europeanphotographers.eu website.

To apply for an EP Qualification you must be a professional photographer and a member of an FEP Member Association (eg. the BIPP).


EP Photographers also get special access to the FEP Photographer of the Year and Fine Art Photographer of the Year awards.

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