Thursday 19 January 2012

Judging for Professional Photography Awards 2012

Judging for the Professional Photography Awards is taking place here at Head Office. 

Around 1000 images were received and the judging procress started yesterday morning and continues today.

Several judges were awarded their Long Service certificates:
  • Afzal Ansary FBIPP - 50 years
  • George Dawber Hon FBIPP - 40 years
  • Russell Baston FBIPP - 40 years
  • Kevin Wilson FBIPP - 20 years
(L-R: George Dawber Hon FBIPP, Russell Baston FBIPP, Kevin Wilson FBIPP, Afzal Ansary FBIPP, Roy Meiklejon FBIPP (President))

Scores are awarded by each judge and then averaged to make a final score for the image.
(L-R: Russell Baston FBIPP, Afzal Ansary FBIPP, Kevin Wilson FBIPP, Richard Mayfield FBIPP, Jonathan Briggs, Anton Artemenkov FBIPP)

Each image is presented around the table for judges to view.
(L-R: Anton Artemenkov FBIPP, Richard Mayfield FBIPP, Roy Meiklejon FBIPP, Saraya Cortaville FBIPP, Russell Baston FBIPP, Pam Russell (recording scores), George Dawber Hon FBIPP (chair) and Chris Harper FBIPP (presenting images)

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