Thursday, 11 April 2013

2012 South West Regional Awards - The Winners!

We'd like to thank everyone who entered the 2012 South West Regional Awards and the winning images can be viewed below.

An enjoyable presentation lunch for the winners was held on Tuesday 19 March at The Fishermans Cot, Devon, and a special mention goes to Philip Bramhill LBIPP who was awarded South West Region Photographer of the Year 2012.

We hope all members in the South West Region will be inspired to enter this year's Awards and the call for entries will be announced shortly.

For more information on what's happening in the South West Region please visit

Abstract Illustrative

Bronze: Philip Bramhill LBIPP - Trebarwith

Merit: Philip Bramhill LBIPP - Mill


Merit: Philip Bramhill LBIPP - No VAT


Bronze: Mitchell Duncan LBIPP - Mirdif Shopping Centre, Dubai

Merit: Mitchell Duncan LBIPP - 360 Degree Mall, Kuwait

Fashion & Beauty

Bronze: Marko Dutka FBIPP - Pretty Eccentric 1

Merit: Philip Bramhill LBIPP - Waterfall


Bronze: Nigel Hicks FBIPP - Trevose

Merit: Nigel Hicks FBIPP - Seafront

Merit: Jonathan Robinson-Pratt ABIPP - Exmouth Beach

Merit: Nigel Hicks FBIPP - Gullfoss

People & Portraiture

Silver: Philip Bramhill LBIPP - Murray

Silver: Rebecca Northway ABIPP - Freya

Bronze: Robert Frost LBIPP - Look At Me

Bronze: Guy Harrop LBIPP - Bubbles The Orphan

Bronze: Rebecca Northway ABIPP - Phoebe

Bronze: Guy Harrop LBIPP - Dutch Jacob

Merit: Robert Frost LBIPP - Catch Me

Merit: Suzi Allen LBIPP - Kaiser

Merit: Robert Frost LBIPP - Pug On A Chair

Merit: Rebecca Northway ABIPP - Molly

Merit: Robert Frost LBIPP - Cute Puppy


Bronze: Chris Hargreaves ABIPP - Protection

Bronze: Carolyn Oakley ABIPP - Army 2023

Bronze: Chris Hargreaves ABIPP - Calm Before The War

Bronze: Guy Harrop LBIPP - Silly Walking Festival

Bronze: Robert Frost LBIPP - 7 Images 3 Days Composition

Merit: Carolyn Oakley ABIPP - Army 2064

Merit: Nigel Hicks FBIPP - Saunton

Merit: Jonathan Robinson-Pratt ABIPP - Hydraulic Split Screen

Merit: Nigel Hicks FBIPP - Red Rock

Merit: Guy Harrop LBIPP - Medusa

Merit: Nigel Hicks FBIPP - Manila Sunset


Bronze: Graham Hiscock LBIPP - Musgrove Oak

Merit: Lee Hatherall LBIPP - The Mansion House

Merit: Graham Hiscock LBIPP - Dorset Romance

Merit: Graham Hiscock LBIPP - Kingston Seat

South West Region Photographer of the Year 2012

Philip Bramhill LBIPP - Murray

Please note copyright of images remains with the individual named photographers

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